The Art of Profiling

The Art of Profiling is the art of seeing patterns in people and places...
In a chaordic blend of informed intuition and measurable data, it is my work to identify and name patterns in people, in organisations, in processes and in systems.
The Art of Profiling is useful for people and organisations that are seeking a refreshingly different approach to discovering and understanding the next natural step in their development. An approach that goes deeper and is more profound than simply studying non-verbal language, it is an inquiry into the language of (systemic) patterns.
As an organisational anthropologist, I'm trained in (participatory) observation, analysis of values, value systems and belief systems, implicit and explicit behavioural (coping) strategies and developmental patterns of individuals and organisations and their cultures.
I have developed the Art of Profiling because I see a need for a responsible, intuitive and measurable approach to mapping opportunities and obstacles for releasing one's full creative potential and ability to take the next developmental step. An approach that explicitly integrates the chaos of our intuition and the order of valid and reliable research through observation.
In the Art of Profiling I prefer to use triangulation, which implies an inquiry from three different perspectives:
  1. A questionnaire, inspired on Spiral Dynamics Integral, to map the active value systems
  2. A field observation and desk study to get a feeling for the relevant context
  3. An interview (or series of interviews) for validation and deepening of the findings

(This Art of Profiling is inspired on the work by Dan Korem as described in his book "The Art of Profiling" (1997))
"Arjen has a good eye for behavioural patterns in organisatons and knows how to communicate these in a clarifying manner. In an interactive play between intuition and analytical skills, he makes sharp observations."
~ Aleida Meijerink, Senior Partner Leadership Development, Twijnstra Gudde
"Arjen is a pleasant consultant who focusses on cooperation and whose approach is noticeably aimed at supporting the development of others. Arjen has a sharp and a personal approach in designing and validating profiles, organisational development and change trajectories that are based on Spiral Dynamics Integral."
~ André Lacomblé, Partner, Alliander Advies Groep.